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Why Make A Will
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Why Make a Will?

Willwriting and Estate Planning Limited’s Top 10 reasons:

  • Birth of a child – in order to nominate guardians to ensure that your children under 18 are cared for by whom you choose rather than social services and the courts deciding

  • Unmarried Couple – to ensure that a partner benefits from your estate as under the current intestacy laws they have no entitlement and it would mean going to court and fighting with your family to gain a share

  • About to Marry / Civil Partnership – any existing Will is automatically revoked unless the Will was written in contemplation of the marriage/civil partnership

  • Married Couple – if you have blood relatives or children your spouse would only receive a certain amount set by the government if you do not have a Will. This may not be sufficient for your spouse to maintain their current lifestyle

  • Divorce – this does not revoke a Will but treats your former spouse as though they have predeceased you. Any gifts to their family will however still apply and you may no longer wish to make them. If you are awaiting the Decree Absolute you are still married so your spouse will benefit

  • Choose Beneficiaries – so that you decide who benefits from your estate rather than the state deciding

  • Heirlooms – bequeathing these in your Will ensures that family treasures which have passed through generations are distributed according to your wishes

  • Specific gifts to friends/charities – these can be specified in a Will to ensure that your wishes are achieved

  • Investment Property – if you own property with relatives or friends this could pass to them rather than your partner or children. Writing a Will acts as a prompt to ensure that this is dealt with in line with your wishes

  • Saves time & money – having a Will in place means that time and money are saved in dealing with the administration of your estate